Consulting Services

Lisa Moore
Lead Consultant

Tools for Training
We create and publish tools to help train employees of organizations on the use of IT systems. We have created "Quick Reference Guides" that are one stop shopping hard copy references for users to take back to their desks to help them quickly start utilizing a new System. We also have created Training Programs which give the users a hands on tour of a new system complete with explanation about each step they will need to take to operate the system.

Process Re-Engineering & Process Definition
With more that 10 years corporate experience in the "art " of documenting processes, we have helped organizations to understand their linkages across functions and processes and document this information. For some, it was the first time ever they had a document to show management just how processes work. We can also take those processes and provide intranet websites for employees to easily access for future reference.

Again, due to the nature of what we have discussed within our clients processes, we are not at liberty to share with you any of the process flows. Our general procedure for starting a re-engineering & process definition project is to get all the right players in the room, map out the processes they use and then talk about improving them. You'd be surprised, then again maybe you won't, to see how long it takes to just get people to align on how they operate TODAY!

Systems Design and Data Integration
One of our strengths in the consulting area of our business is within the System Design and Data Integration area. We have a track record of working closely with IT to help translate business needs into IT requirements.

We have worked closely with users to take current legacy systems and convert their data over to a new system. This process sounds easy but often is the most challenging part of implementing any new system.

Meeting Facilitation
Meetings often drag on longer than they need to. We can help keep those meetings on track and help you accomplish more in the time you have for meetings. Our facilitators have vast experience in all types of meetings. From process to crisis, we have seen it all. If you have a meeting that you and your employees are just "too close to," let us help. An outside perspective from a facilitator will definitely help your meeting be most successful.

Lisa Moore

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